How to choose the perfect sun hat

With UV rays stronger than ever, it is so important to keep your skin protected. Tested and true, nothing works as well as a good sun hat!

   While baseball caps seem like an easy choice, wide-brimmed sunhats are a fun and stylish option that offer even more protection to your neck and shoulders. The problem with most sunhats, however, is the fragile brim, that needs to be watched like a small child in order to keep your absent-minded bestie from sitting on it at a picnic and crushing it beyond recognition! Similarly, trying to keep a hat in shape while traveling in cramped cars or buses, not to mention in your suitcase or backpack, is a constant struggle for global travelers and backpackers, I know first-hand mine always end up losing shape within a month.
Can you relate? 
         Well, here at OneLove we have a solution to the sunhat issue.
Yes, you'll hear it here first; A solution to the life long problem of ruined sunhats.

The key

Fine, fine! We'll spill the beans..  The key is, what its made of. 

All of our sunhats are made with soft, breathable natural fibers and equipped with a wire rim, so you can stuff them into any purse or bag, and then re-shape them with ease! We even have a great range of styles from the '90s inspired crochet "bucket" hats, to the classic wide-brimmed "Tilley" hat with chin-strap and button toggle to ensure it won't blow away on those windy days.                                                     Apart from the super-handy wire-brim, these hats tick all the boxes in terms of being eco+ethical, for people and the planet. They are Fair Trade Federation certified and made of the most eco-friendly fibers on the market- hemp and jute!


Check out these fun pictures below that show all the different ways you can style a wire rim to get different looks from the same hat.


Have fun, be creative and keep that skin safe with any one of these awesome, hats. 

Thanks for reading One Lovelies! 

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